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The OMSI Transmissioni S.P.A line of power take-offs includes a number of models covering the full range of power drive requirements. 

Split shaft and engine driven PTO's eliminate the necessity of installing an auxiliary engine drive and they are used in case where conventional transmission PTO's are not capable of providing the required power.

The split shaft PTO is positioned within the truck chassis between the transmission and differential. By selecting the most suitable drive range, it allows to transmit the maximum engine horsepower. The PTO can be operated with the vehicle in the stationary mode or in motion, if required. 

These units are designed for truck power trains from 50 to 370 kW (67 to 500 HP).

The engine driven PTO is independent of the clutch and it is installed directly, between the engine and transmission, allowing the maximum power transfer even when the vehicle is in motion. 

Engineered with the extensive safety margins and combined with the selection of the highest grade of gears, shaft materials and precision machined components, OMSI PTO's provide maximum efficiency and reliability. 


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